Inviting Members' Response to ND's Mission Statement - NATIONAL DRAMA

Inviting Members’ Response to ND’s Mission Statement

The Executive Committee would like to hear our members' feedback on this draft mission statement.
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National Drama would like to seek your feedback on our Mission Statement.

National Drama: Draft Mission Statement 2023-2024

National Drama (ND) is the UK’s leading professional subject association for all teachers, lecturers and theatre practitioners whose work is concerned with learning in drama and theatre education. ND provides an inclusive and progressive framework of continuing professional development that is informed by reflective practice, research, publications, productive partnerships and creative networking.
ND celebrates diversity and promotes respect and equality in all dimensions of its work. ND welcomes members from those communities deemed to have ‘protected characteristics’, as identified in the 2020 Equalities Act.

National Drama’s overriding rationale
ND exists to ensure that all children and young people have opportunities to learn about and through drama and theatre education within a broad and coherent curriculum that is taught by teachers who have appropriate levels of subject knowledge and have received relevant training.
ND is committed to establishing Drama as a subject in primary, secondary, SEND and in alternative education communities with equal status to the other arts subjects.
ND will support, lead and respond appropriately to the community of educational drama and theatre practitioners who make up the membership. ND recognises that members have unique career profiles and differing professional needs. ND has over thirty years’ experience of professional liaison, management and advocacy. It is thus uniquely positioned to represent and support today’s practitioners at the differing stages of their professional journey through an on-going dialogue.

The value of Drama and Theatre Education
Drama is a subject that provides a compelling pedagogy that facilitates interaction, exploration, performance, self-expression and meaning-making. It is a subject that has transformational potential, enabling children, teachers and young people to understand what it is to be human.
Drama is a practical subject with identifiable artistic elements. It has clearly defined concepts, aesthetics, skills and forms. It is a process that develops artistic, social and cultural understanding in global contexts.
Drama develops academic expertise. It develops skills in: planning and generating ideas; imagining; negotiating; collaborating; exploring; rehearsing; questioning; interpreting; researching; reflecting; problem-solving; presenting.
Drama is a pedagogical art form that facilitates, celebrates and questions personal self-esteem, social health and wellbeing for children and young people.

National Drama’s Identified Areas of Responsibility
ND defines its six key responsibilities as follows:

• Communication: ND will celebrate practice, provide information and critique political and educational policies through publication, CPD, research, bursaries and social media platforms;

• Consultancy: ND will provide advice, commentary and mentoring to individuals, institutions and academy chains, whilst making prompt and appropriate responses to immediate needs and requests from the membership;

• Continuing professional development: ND‘s CPD will address and offer support to address the pressures, needs and demands that an ever-changing professional context has on members. ND will provide celebratory opportunities, classroom resources, courses and conferences;

• Partnerships: ND will actively seek collaborative and relevant partnerships that enhance and develop teaching, learning and theatre-making with and for children and young people;

• Research and publication: ND will ensure that reflection and research is an integral dimension of practice. Publications will include articles and features that communicate the potential of Drama and professional theatre projects within primary, secondary, tertiary and SEND schools, education communities and HE;

• Subject advocacy: ND will promote drama as an arts subject within primary, secondary, tertiary, SEND and community education, gather evidence of drama learning and engage in national and international political dialogue.

Executive Vision
ND’s Executive vision is to ensure that dynamic, positive and interactive relationships permeate the work of the association and exist across the membership. The Executive endeavours to be visibly:

These three ‘actions’ will inform how Executive develops the important concepts of inclusivity, relevance and representation across the membership.
In addition, Executive guarantees excellence in supporting members by providing:
• Twice yearly copies of the Magazine, Drama
• Free access to the online research journal, Drama Research
• Free access to high quality teaching materials and classroom resources
• A programme of CPD that offers opportunities for members to develop and share practice
• Monthly e-newsletters to members about national and international events, initiatives and networks
• Professional subject specialist representation and influence with official and Government organisations
• Opportunities to network, enjoy face-to-face professional dialogue and share best practice
• Access to innovative bursaries and awards for inspiring projects
• Opportunities for members to participate in national and international conferences and debates
• Opportunities to receive feedback, mentoring and support on curriculum, syllabus and theatre matters

Executive Strategies
In order to further the development of the association during the next two years, the current Executive will implement the following strategies:
• To maintain an executive and membership that is effectively representative of the UK population;
• To increase the membership through engagement with individuals, institutions, theatres and, particularly, Multi-Academy Trusts;
• To support and enhance the quality of specialist drama teacher training;
• To establish an extended advisory group in order to enhance the work of the Executive in national and international contexts;
• To provide curriculum guidance on Drama and Theatre Education;
• To promote the learning potential of Theatre in Education;
• To re-establish the ND conference programme;
• To further develop our existing relationships with government bodies;
• To create partnerships that develops a deeper understanding of learning in Drama and Theatre Education;
• To further develop the Marketing and Communication Strategy.

Let us hear your views on this Mission Statement by leaving a comment below or through our different contact channels.

Contact details:
Tel number: 07746809776
Twitter: @National_Drama
Facebook: NationalDrama

Registered Charity Number: 1173215

National Drama

National Drama, the UK’s leading professional association for drama teachers and theatre educators, is dedicated to ensuring that all children and young people have the opportunity to learn about and through drama.

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