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Welcome to the National Drama Blog!

The ND Blog is a space for our members, Patrons and Friends to share timely pieces of writing, responses to developments and current affairs in drama education, and perspective pieces.  We welcome blog submissions from our members, which can be sent to our Vice Chair:  

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Steve Ball, co-chair of the Drama and Theatre Education Alliance (DTEA), talks about Seize The Day, a national campaign to engage politicians and school governors with drama and theatre for children and young people in schools, colleges, universities, and theatres.

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“To Wake the Soul by Tender Strokes of Art”

In this month’s blog, writer/performer and drama teacher Erin Holland passionately addresses the vital role of Theatre and Drama in education, highlighting the detrimental impact of government policies on arts subjects and the teaching profession. It emphasises the power of drama in shaping lives, fostering creativity, and developing essential life skills. The article underscores the need to recognise the significance of Drama in education and its potential for positive societal change.

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From Troubled Youth to Theatre in Education Advocate: Richard Holmes’ Inspiring Journey

In this blog post, Sharon Coyne, Theatre Officer for National Drama, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Richard Holmes, Artistic Director of the renowned Theatre in Education (TIE) Company Big Brum. Richard shares his personal journey from a troubled youth to a passionate advocate for TIE, discusses the upcoming programme “The Clearing,” and provides insights for aspiring professionals in the field.

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Hard Work, Struggle and Failure Need to be a Part of the Story

In this month’s blog, Artistic Director Scott Graham talks about the transformative journey offered by Frantic Assembly, as it guides educators and learners through the intricate ups and downs of the creative process, dismantling barriers and fostering self-discovery in the realm of arts education.

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