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Welcome to National Drama’s electronic journal, Drama Research: international journal of drama in education.  We encourage, gather and publish research-based articles from established and new writers to promote knowledge, understanding and dialogue about drama in learning contexts. This international, peer-reviewed publication offers a new and innovative means by which practitioners and researchers in our field may share and disseminate their work. The journal is interested in publishing a broad and international range of research -based and scholarly articles that will have relevance and appeal to those who teach and research across the spectrum of drama in educational settings.

Key to the approach of Drama Research is the recognition that a multi-media, web-based journal can respond to the dynamic, multi-modal nature of drama in ways that a traditional, print-based format cannot. With this in mind, Drama Research actively encourages writers to utilise the potential of electronic publication to illuminate drama practice, philosophy and theory in new and exciting ways. We are, however, happy to receive articles structured in a more conventional format.

The launch of Drama Research coincides with the launch of an updated and redesigned National Drama Website which reflects the association’s ongoing commitment to strengthening understanding of the theory and practice within our field. Drama Research is a subscription publication but National Drama individual members will have free access to all issues as part of their membership package. So if you haven’t done so already, go ahead and join National Drama.

National Drama does hope that you will wish to subscribe to and write for Drama Research and help to strengthen and widen knowledge, understanding and dialogue about drama in educational settings.

Volume 15: No 1

April 2024

Welcome to the fifteenth issue of Drama Research!

The articles in this issue describe three research projects, each located in a different genre of theatre: youth theatre, professional theatre, and site-specific community drama. Interestingly, the work in each different genre is centrally informed by the use of Process Drama, especially the use of drama conventions. The volume is a fascinating study in the varied use of a form of Drama which is usually associated with work in school classrooms and is a rare, detailed, recorded testament to how flexible and effective this form of working can be.


  • Bennachie and me: a site-specific, promenade, interactive community drama project, devised and performed in the North-East of Scotland
  • Għanqbut f’Moħħha: a practice-as-research project on the theme of fear
  • Steampunk Sparks: Antigone’s Rebel Heartbeat Revived by 11-year-olds

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