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Drama magazine

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Drama Magazine

Drama is National Drama’s magazine of professional practice, ISSN 0967-4454. Published twice a year, this hard copy, print publication contains a wealth of features and articles for and by drama teachers and theatre educators in many contexts within the UK and overseas. Content focuses on practical teaching experiences and projects drawn from across educational contexts and includes classroom materials, schemes of work, interviews and reviews of books and other resources.

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Spring 2022 issue

In this issue:
Towards A Global Network of Safe, Creative Spaces For Young People

  • Drama Really Matters:
  • Drums, Debate and Devising
  • Young Voices
  • National Drama’s Covid Impact Study
  • Dorothy Heathcote Now
  • Drama in the Time of Covid: Art as Healing
  • EAR: Erasmus and Dialectical Methodology
  • Brain Right Drama – Revisited
  • Theatre Reviews:
    The Weaker Force; Happy Jack
  • Book Reviews

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