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House of Lords 11-16 Enquiry and Report

Early in 2023, National Drama was invited to make a presentation to this Enquiry.

We needed to respond with considerable speed to the invitation, and many of the ND executive rallied to meet the urgent requests from our Chair for advice, figures and guidance to inform the presentation that he would make. His presentation, shared with Music and Art and Design, is available here.

The Report was published on 12 December. The committee’s Chair, Lord Jo Johnson, said on Radio 4 early that morning: “The evidence we have received is compelling.” The Report is hard-hitting and unambiguous. Its headline is Urgent reform needed in 11-16 education to fully prepare pupils for the future.

The report endorses everything that National Drama presented to the 11-16 Enquiry in terms of drama learning, syllabus content, teaching and assessment.

In his thank you to executive members, Geoff Readman wrote:

I don’t know if it will change the face of education, but I cannot thank you enough and, if the next government acts on these recommendations, there will also be generations of children who will be taking Drama as a result of your unstinting work.

National Drama and our Chair have received so many messages of congratulations for such a sterling piece of advocacy. I am very pleased to share them with you.

Bravo to you and the National Drama Executive. It makes all the hard work worth it, so thanks to you and everyone who is lending their weight to make the wheel turn. I think the wheel is shifting but it’s going to take a lot of patience to get all the changes to happen. Meanwhile, thank you for your passion and perseverance: it is so appreciated.

Vicky Ireland, MBE, FRSA

Brilliant work! Very well done to Geoff and all involved in the National Drama Executive for successfully pushing the agenda.

Hugh Blackwood

The recommendations manage to make a hit in just about all the major problems we have identified. If these changes can take place it won’t necessarily be a return to thriving arts but it will be a massive improvement on the impoverished present state.

Amanda Kipling

2 thoughts on “House of Lords 11-16 Enquiry and Report”

  1. Good afternoon,
    I trust you are well.
    I am entering this debate mid-journey and, having read the National Drama written evidence submitted to the House of Lords, I would like to ask if there have been any ‘next steps’ identified? I have tried to find the government’s response to the evidence submitted but I am struggling to find anything, be that an action plan or a review meeting date.
    If you can help or advise that would be amazing.
    Thank you

  2. Dear Gillian,

    Thank you for this note. I confess to being very disappointed that the findings of the Enquiry have failed to receive the attention and development planning that it warrants. Like you, I can find little evidence of any official government response. The implications for the current government are too ‘enormous’ for them to address in an election year. In addition, the Enquiry represents significant criticism of Conservative education policies since 2010. I would be delighted to engage further with you about the Report.

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