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National Drama's Reconvened Annual General Meeting
National Drama's first AGM as a charity was held on Saturday 24th November 2018but was inquorate so it will be reconvened on Thursday, 29th March 2019, 5.30-7pm, venue to be confirmed. All reconvened AGM information for members is at ND Reconvened AGM [log in required.] We do hope you will be able to attend. Please confirm your attendance with the Chair, Aine Lark, at
The business of the meeting, the four motions tabled at the AGM, will be conducted by the Electoral Reform Services. The following people have already been returned as Officer/Trustees of the charity:
Chairperson: Aine Lark
Vice Chair: Zeena Rasheed
Secretary: Konstantina Kalogirou
Treasurer: Chris Lawrence
Publicity and Marketing: Vivienne Lafferty
Their profiles can be viewed at ND Executive Commitee
The full report of the original AGM can be accessed here [log in required].


Drama Magazine Vol 25.1
The latest issue of Drama magazine is published now. For more information about joining National Drama to receive it free with your membership go to ND Membership or to take out a paid for subscription go to Drama Magazine.

Welcome to Jessica Hynes – our new Patron

We welcome Jessica Hynes as a new Patron of National Drama, following her impressive and heart-felt Keynote at our ‘Drama Spa’ conference. Jessica has worked prolifically in television, film and theatre but it was her very genuine understanding of the critical importance of drama in schools that resonated with every teacher in the room.

Jessica declared: “I don’t think drama should be saved. It should be compulsory!

Read more about Jessica’s experiences when she visited 20 drama classrooms and why we welcomed her with open arms.

(Ref: ‘Reflections from the Chair’ / DRAMA 24.2)

Jessica Hynes and drama teachers

About National Drama

National Drama, the UK’s leading professional association for drama teachers and theatre educators, is dedicated to ensuring that all children and young people have the opportunity to learn about and through drama.

Learning through drama is a natural human process – our brains are ‘wired’ for it.  We recognise it as a powerful pedagogy and a creative process that provides a compelling means of exploration, expression and making meaning. Through it we learn what it is to be a human being.

National Drama is dedicated to the development, promotion and support of Drama and Theatre both in the UK and Internationally. We are an open and inclusive organisatiuon – One Forum: Many Voices – and we positively welcome as members all those who are interested in drama and theatre in learning contexts whether in the UK or beyond: see our Membership page.

We believe that teachers need to be learning themselves, practically and theoretically – and this is why National Drama arranges high quality Drama and Theatre Conferences and Events and Publications to support Drama practice. Visit our CPD site at ND CPD; our Magazine site at Drama Magazine; our Research Journal at Drama Research and our Shop site at ND Shop for other publications and backnumbers of past issues of Drama magazine.

If you are interested in the same things then why not join us at Join ND? We would love to have you on board!

National Drama is a charity, registration number 1173215.

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..and become part of a vibrant community of people who are committed to drama and the contribution it makes to the learning of children and young people; committed to the support and development of all who teach through and about drama and theatre; and who are dedicated advocates for drama as an entitlement for all, in and across the curriculum. Join here.

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