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Romantic Comedy

‘The course of true love never did run smooth’ – so says Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and for more than 2000 years the problems faced by young men and women fighting to find and keep an appropriate sexual partner have been a theatrical staple. This book explores the shapes that Romantic Comedy has assumed from Greek New Comedy via Shakespeare to the present. Changing social values have helped to redefine the genre’s traditional hetero-normativity, while the recent trend towards more fluid casting has opened up many romantic comedies to radical reinterpretations.

Identity, Culture, and the Science Performance, Volume 1: From the Lab to the Streets

Identity, Culture, and the Science Performance, Volume 1: From the Lab to the Streets is the first of two volumes dedicated to the diverse sociocultural work of science-oriented performance. A dynamic volume of scholarly essays, interviews with scientists and artists, and creative entries, it examines explicitly public-facing science performances that operate within and for specialist and non-specialist populations.

Theatre in a Post-Truth World: Texts, Politics and Performance

This is the first book to examine how the concept and disagreements around post-truth have been explored in the world of theater and performance. It covers a wide spectrum of manifestations and expressions-from the plays of Caryl Churchill, Anne Washburn, and David Henry Hwang, to the inherent theatricality of press conferences, FBI interviews and protests that embrace the confusion created by post-truth rhetoric to muddy issues and deflect blame, to theatrical performance, where the nature of truth is challenged through staged visuals which run counter to what the audience hears, provoking a debate about where the truth actually lies.

British Black and Asian Shakespeareans: Integrating Shakespeare, 1966-2018

Shakespeare is at the heart of the British theatrical tradition, but the contribution of Ira Aldridge and the Shakespearean performers of African, African-Caribbean, south Asian and east Asian heritage who came after him is not widely known. Telling the story for the first time of how Shakespearean theatre in Britain was integrated from the 1960s to the 21st century, this is a timely and important account of that contribution.

From a Theatrical Play to the Play of Life

This article explores how theatre education in youth audiences enriches the biographical and professional experience of those audiences as adults.

Volume 14 Editorial

Editorial Welcome to the fourteenth issue of Drama Research! This is the second issue in our new format, and it has a truly international dynamic, featuring articles from Colombia, Greece, Norway and the USA as well as the UK. One thing that all these countries have in common through recent experience is, of course, the …

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