Hard Work, Struggle and Failure Need to be a Part of the Story

In this month’s blog, Artistic Director Scott Graham talks about the transformative journey offered by Frantic Assembly, as it guides educators and learners through the intricate ups and downs of the creative process, dismantling barriers and fostering self-discovery in the realm of arts education.

Getting Started with ‘Drama for Learning’ – The Basics (Patrice Baldwin)

ABOUT THE COURSE This course is for Primary teachers who want to learn how to start ‘Drama for Learning’ with whole classes. Participants will receive guidance on how to first negotiate a ‘Drama Contract’ with their class. Several key drama strategies will be explained, and examples given of their use in lessons. A primary drama …

Getting Started with ‘Drama for Learning’ – The Basics (Patrice Baldwin) Read More »

Drama for Oracy

This course, led by Patrice Baldwin, will show how dramatic play and Drama are important components in developing oracy in young children

Where There is Community and Connection, There is Hope

In this month’s blog, Nadya Bettioui shares her reflections on National Theatre’s Drama Teacher Conference and discusses how interpersonal connections among drama teachers foster hope and resilience in a profession facing multiple challenges.

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