Vol 12 No.1: April 2021

Welcome to Issue 12 of Drama Research.

At the time of publishing the last issue of Drama Research in April 2020 (Volume 11.1) the national ‘lockdown’ during the coronavirus epidemic had just begun and we considered it fortuitous that two articles in that issue, ‘Action is eloquence’: Creating Space for Shakespeare in HMP Gartree and Applying Commedia Dell’Arte focused on the use of Drama and Theatre in prison contexts, contexts that reflected the experiences of many people in the UK and across the world at that time. Who would have thought that the writing of the editorial in this issue, one year later, would also take place in the context of the continuing ‘lockdown’? Yet it does.

It is also worth reflecting on the fact that, at the time of publishing Volume 11.1, the wearing of masks was not a universally accepted practice in the UK or many other places in the world and was, in fact, a much-politicised practice especially in places like the USA. Masks seem to have become a kind of attack on masculinity or on personal independence. At this end of the pandemic the mask, rather than the prison, has become the key symbol of our universal experience.


As a reflection of our current situation, one article in this issue has a direct reference to the need for the wearing of masks by young people. In Article 4, The Pritney method in early childhood education, Pirjo Suvilehto provides a photograph of one of the puppets involved in her research project wearing a mask with the caption

‘At the university campus Pritney is giving an example of how we shall enter the drama studio.’

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