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Carolyn Bradley

Drama Learning Journeys

In this previous pull-out resource from Drama magazine, practitioners Sharon Leftwich-Lloyd and Victoria Husband share their learning journeys for Secondary Drama.

ND lobbies at Labour Party Conference

National Drama, NATD, NAYT and Drama HE got together this week to lobby for the importance of Drama and Theatre Education at the Labour Party Conference.

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Peter Brook – In Memorium

National Drama Chair, Dr Geoff Readman, speaks to the life and legacy of theatre director Peter Brook, who died aged 97 on 2nd July 2022.

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Teaching Resource: Suggested Plays for KS3 Drama

Need a new text idea for Year 8? Here is a list of suggested plays to be used in KS3 Drama lessons. This list is not exhaustive and will be updated regularly. Teachers should always read plays first to check they are suitable for their own context, and National Drama is not responsible for the content of plays.

Teaching Resource: Success Pyramid

Students can use this pyramid to plan their own work towards a practical performance, helping them understand how a piece of theatre is created.

Teaching Resource: Performance Checklist

Students can use this handy ‘Fever Pitch’ checklist to self-assess their own progress when creating a Drama performance in class.

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