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Applied_Theatre_NewApplied Theatre: International Case Studies and Challenges for Practice

This book advances the current debate between Applied Drama and Applied Theatre and is likely to become an important contribution. As reviewer Brian Heap observes:’One great advantage to a book like this, of course, is that it provides ready access to a range of key articles from what might otherwise be, for the individual student or researcher at least, prohibitively expensive journals. In addition, the fact that they are thematically arranged helps the reader to focus on his/her immediate interest.

By Monica Prendergast and Juliana Saxton (editors)

Performing_Research_NewPerforming Research: Tensions, triumphs and trade-offs of ethnodrama

This thoughtful and intelligent volume is a timely analysis of the burgeoning field of ethnodrama, anchored in six case studies. The co-authors guide the reader through the dominant questions and paradoxes of the sub-discipline while wisely dwelling little on the relative merits of any particular label. The title for the book is well chosen since the performance of research is the concept that forms the common denominator for all the myriad off-shoots to which academics and practitioners swear allegiance. Their five chapters which precede the case studies – The Human Contexts, Charting the Territory, Responsibilities, Ownership and Power, Aesthetic and Other Tensions —  introduce the major debating points within the field through the linking of the concepts and examples of the relevant academic literature with insights drawn from the case studies.

By Judith Ackroyd and John O’Toole

Publisher: National Drama Publications

ISSN 2040-2228

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