Sending your Finished Article

You can submit your text and other files to Drama Research in a number of ways:

By disk (regular or zip): This can be sent via surface mail. We will acknowledge the receipt of all disks and will return them if requested. It is your responsibility to notify us of dispatch. Our address is:

National Drama Publications
Drama Research Dept
76 Kimberly Avenue 
London SE15 3XH

By email: There can be limitations to the size of files that can be sent over the internet, but it may be appropriate to send your file(s) as email attachments. Before you send us your file(s) contact us by email to check at:

By ftp (file transfer protocol): It may be possible for you to arrange a site from which we can pick up your file(s). Contact us at the email address above if you would like to use this option.

From the Web: If you have a website and have marked up the text yourself, it is possible for us to download the text directly from the webpages. Contact us using the details above if you would like to do this.

We will look forward to receiving your work.

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