30 July 2013 - NATIONAL DRAMA

Day: 30 July 2013

Volume 4 Editorial Board

Pamela Bowell
Amanda Kipling
Chris Lawrence
Marie-Jeanne McNaughton
Ruth Sayers

Volume 4 Notes on Authors

Brian Lighthill worked as an Actor and TV/Radio Drama Director/Producer winning a ‘BAFTA’ (1995) and the Prix Jeunesse International (1996) for Coping With Grown-Ups (C4). Brian was also nominated for a Sony Award for Radio 4’s Blake’s Seven Adventure (1998).

Volume 4 Editorial

This issue of Drama Research contains articles whose authors geographically span the world: UK, USA and Australia and whose research interests are equally diverse, but have one thing in common: the problem of the engagement of students and the means whereby such engagement can be evaluated. ‘Engagement’ is a much-used term in drama and theatre; but it presents particular difficulties to drama researchers in that it is so elusive a concept – how do you know when students are enagaged and how do you evaluate their engagement?

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