Proposed CIO Constitution of National Drama

We are  in the process of applying to the Charity Commission to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). To do so we have needed to update our current constitution (dated 1990) to one based on the Charity Commission’s model. The Constitution that we have devised incorporates as much as possible from our current constitution while adopting this new framework recommended by the Charity Commission (see below).

We first registered our intention to make an application to the Charity Commission on 23rd December 2013. It has been a long journey since then in which we have had several discussions with the Charity Commission out of which the Constitution has been amended several times to conform with Charity Commission guidance on charitable status. The Constitution below is the final amended version made on 11th May 2017 which has received the approval of the Charity Commission. We are hoping that in the very near future National Drama will achieve status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The ‘First Trustees’ of the Charity are: Aine Lark (Chair); Konstantina Kalogiirou (Secretary); Chris Lawrence (Treasurer); Ali Warren (Secondary Officer); Viv Kerridge (HE/FE Officer); Vivienne Lafferty (Trustee); and Zeena Rasheed (Trustee).