ND AGM 2018

National Drama’s AGM was held on Saturday 24th November, 2-4pm, at The Diorama Arts Centre, 201 Drummond Street, Regents Place, London NW1 3FE  (Map)
This, the first AGM for National Drama as a Charity, was unfortunately inquorate so we were unable to pass the four motions that were scheduled (see AGM Motions on sidebar opposite) but we will reconvene the AGM on Friday 29th March 2019, 5.30-7pm, again at The Diorama Arts Centre, 201 Drummond Street, Regents Place, London NW1 3FE  (Map), and we urge you to attend, please.
However, we were able to hold the ballot for Election of Officers, conducted by the Electoral Reform Services, and the results, including proxy votes,  are below:
Chairperson: Aine Lark (51 votes); Karen Latto (17 votes): Aine Lark returned as Chairperson;
Vice Chair: Holly Barradell (22 votes); Zeena Rasheed (42 votes); Zeena Rasheed returned as Vice Chair.
Secretary: Konstantina Kalogirou (44 votes); Catherine Nash (20 votes); Konstantina Kalogirou returned as Secretary.
Treasurer: Chris Lawrence (56 votes); Alexandria Rooke (10 votes); Chris Lawrence returned as Treasurer.
Publicity and Marketing Officer: Bertie Bruno (9 votes); Vivienne Lafferty (42 votes); Emma Love (12 votes); Vivienne Lafferty returned as Publicity and Marketing Officer.
Four posts were uncontested so the following were elected, or re-elected, unopposed.
Membership Officer: Ed Taylor-Gooby;
Publications Officer: Chris Lawrence;
Secondary Officer: Ali Warren;
Theatre Officer: Edward Boott.
However, since the ballot, Ed Taylor-Gooby, Edward Boott and Ali Warren have contacted to say they no longer wish to take up their posts. We are naturally disappointed by this but we wish them all well.
Once again, many thanks for your participation and our thanks also go to Alexander and Ben from the Electoral Reform Services for their excellent management of the ballot throughout.
The profiles of the successful candidates above are available at National Drama Executive Committee.
Voting at next year’s AGM and all AGMs thereafter will be entirely by postal ballot.

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