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LotfiA way of Delivering a Drama Course - Shakespeare's Hamlet: A Case Study

Teachers of literature, especially drama, most often face the challenge of making their presentation and discussion of a given play accessible to a large proportion of students attending the drama course. Quite apart from securing their personal knowledge of the subject matter, teachers of literature, especially Shakespearean drama, need to go through a marathon of thinking, preparing, planning, supporting, improving, correcting and most importantly catering for students of various learning preferences and personalities within the same classroom. Fusing theoretical approaches and practical realities, this article investigates the students’ attitudes toward the study of drama and puts forward some innovative and motivating teaching strategies, drawn from years of my experience as a teacher of English literature and drama, that I believe are useful in making students enjoy the atmosphere of the play and share its adventures with others. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is here used as a case study to explore ways in which students approach a play which provides a great deal of aesthetic, intellectual and emotional pleasures, and is difficult to decipher and interpret at the same time.

Lotfi Salhi

Publisher: National Drama Publications

ISSN 2040-2228

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