Referencing Guidelines

Please use the Harvard system of referencing for all submissions to DR.

See sections to left for more details, they include: 


Articles: Journal articles, Article in an electronic journal, Newspaper articles, Conference papers, Government publications

Quotations and Paraphrasing: Quotations, Referencing quotations within the text, Paraphrasing or Summarising, Citing plays, poems and fiction within the text

Electronic Sources: Websites, Article in an electronic journal, Online discussion lists or blogs

Unpublished Sources: Theses, Interviews

Reference Lists: Creating a reference list, Sample reference list

Stylistic Notes: Abbreviations,  Capital letters, Footnotes, Hyphens, Italics, Local and contemporary referencesSpelling


[The editors acknowledge the support of Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln and Internet Archaeology in the compilation of these guidance notes.]

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