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A new and innovative way to reach the worldwide community of those who practice and research drama in educational settings. It’s a simple cost-effective advertising opportunity, offering the advantage to bring a potential customer directly to your web site.

Drama Research (DR) accepts advertising on its homepage and within the body of the site from commercial, not-for-profit and academic institutions, both UK-based and international, as long as the service being advertised is of relevance to drama in education and therefore of interest to our readers. National Drama reserves the discretionary right to refuse banner advertisements submitted which are deemed unsuitable.

DR Reader/Subscriber Profile

DR is a well established publication that targets both institutional and individual subscribers across the world. As a research journal, DR mainly caters to a drama in education academic audience, which means that we can more effectively target this specific demographic.

Advertising in DR should especially appeal both to academic institutions and publishers.

Homepage banner (single exclusive banner)


DR offers the opportunity of advertising on one fixed standard-size hyper-link banner on our freely accessible homepage for either a three or six month period. Banners are subject to approval and must be supplied by the advertiser to the following specifications:

Technical specifications – Homepage  banner (single exclusive)
Width 728 pixels
Height 90 pixels
Format .gif  .jpg
Colour depth up to 256 colours
Maximum file size 90kb

Run of site banner (Current Issue, article sections, maximum 5 banners)


DR also offers the opportunity of placing an advertisement within a rotating hyper-linked banner appearing throughout the article sections of the site for a three, six or twelve month period. DR has restricted rotation to a maximum of five banners. Banners are subject to approval and must be supplied by the advertiser to the following specifications:

Technical Specifications – Run of site rotating banner (maximum of 5 banners)
Width 468 pixels
Height 60 pixels
Format .gif  .jpg
Colour depth up to 256 colours
Maximum file size 90kb

Please note: We advise that you check your banner in a variety of browser environments prior to submission to DR.

Advertising rates

Fixed Homepage banner, exclusive
Period Commercial rate Academic rate
3 months £250 £200
6 months £450 £275
Rotating banner,
maximum of 5 banners
Period Commercial rate Academic rate
3 months £175 £150
6 months £275 £250
12 months £400 £350

Orders and Order Form

Orders are accepted from the UK and overseas and should be emailed to publications@nationaldrama.org.uk.

A purchase order number, contact name and invoicing address must be supplied for your order to be processed. Please attatch the Banner graphic and URL when you email your order form to DR. Refunds will not be made once the banner has been uploaded and live.

Reciprocal ‘deals’ and other marketing arrangements are always considered, so feel free to contact us with your ideas at<ahref=”mailto:publications@nationaldrama.org.uk”>publications@nationaldrama.org.uk.

Making an Effective Banner

There are a few qualities that generally make for more effective banner ads. If you are mounting a banner ad campaign in DR you should keep the following in mind:

  • If you are advertising a particular product or service, ensure your hyper-link is directed  to that page of your website
  • Use simple messages rather than complicated ones
  • Use animated ads rather than static ones
  • Your graphic content should provoke visitor curiosity, without being too obscure
  • Make your banner visually appealing with interesting content.

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