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DRAMA_23.2_CoverDrama is National Drama’s magazine of professional practice, ISSN 0967-4454. Published twice a year, this hard copy, print publication contains a wealth of features and articles for and by drama teachers and theatre educators in many contexts within the UK and overseas.

Content focuses on practical teaching experiences and projects drawn from across educational contexts and include classroom materials, schemes of work, interviews and reviews of books and other resources.

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Current Issue

Chris Lawrence is Editor for this issue

Reflections from the Chair
#DramaMatters because: Aine Lark, Chair of National Drama, reflects on current issues for National Drama.

The View from the Gods*
*the perspective of Drama from school leadership. Holly Barradell advises on resources that are available from the perspective of a Faculty Leader for the Arts.

A 3D Approach to Drama: The Use of Materials to Construct Other Worlds
Tony Horitz writes an Obituary for his colleague, Simon Stone.

Softies of the World, Unite!
Kate Nash reclaims the word ‘Soft’.

Encouraging Words
Ali Warren reports on the National Drama CPD event on 3rd June 2017.

Thinking About ‘Thinking’ in Drama
Patrice Baldwin begins a three part series on Drama Strategies

How Applied Theatre Can Improve Children’s Clinical Experience in Hospital
Dr. Persephone Sextou explores the impact of applied theatre practice on child wellbeing in healthcare.

The Cat with the Invisible Tail
Kristin Prentice argues for Drama to teach interpersonal skills.

Every Picture tells a Story…
Brian Lighthill and Alice Kirk describe an interdisciplinary drama project with the Compton Verney Gallery.

Stage Lighting; A Brave New World!
Skip Mort demystifies modern stage lighting

Sketches from the High Country
Phil Duchene reflects on a Drama project exploring Jim McGugan’s Josepha.

What They Left Behind
John Somers reviews the Wimborne Community Theatre play directed by Tony Horitz.

Book Reviews
Acting Shakespeare’s Language by Andy Hinds
Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore
Mantle of the Expert: A Transformative Approach to Education by Tim Taylor
Cowgirl by G. R. Gernin, adapted by Mike Kenny
Drama Games for Rehearsals by Jessica Swale
Dramatic Adventure in Rhetoric by James Taylor and Philip Watson
How To Do Accents by Edda Sharpe and Jan Haydn Rowles
Running on the Cracks by Julia Donaldson, adapted by Andy Arnold
The Oberon Book of Comic Monologues for Women: Volume Two by Katy Wix
The Oberon Book of Monologues for Black Actors: Classical and Contemporary Speeches from Black British Plays. Volume One: Monologues for Women: Selected and edited by Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway/Foreword by Naomie Harris
The Oberon Book of Monologues for Black Actors: Classical and Contemporary Speeches from Black British Plays. Volume One: Monologues for Men: Selected and edited by Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway/Foreword by Naomie Harris
Youth Theatre: Drama For Life by Michael Richardson

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